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Where life is still close to nature

Green Pedal Tours offers bike tours in the Antioquia region of Colombia and day trips around the metropolis of Medellin where a ring of mountains will await you.

Our routes connect small, authentic, and charming mountain villages with quiet country roads.

In each village, with its strong traditions and ancestral costumes, we are privileged to meet with local families to hear their stories and to discover their habits and beliefs. You will have a glimpse of the real Colombia.

You will be immersed in nature, fully enjoying the Colombian biodiversity, its native forests with its diverse fauna and flora. Whether it’s the rocky and rooty trails, its multiple and crucial ecosystems, or its rich and fascinating history, these Colombian roads suspended in the clouds are just waiting to be explored, offering you an unforgettable cycling experience.

In conclusion, Green Pedal Tours evokes the freedom of multi-day mountain biking trips, traveling “light” off the beaten track. The main goal is to connect with nature by bike, using forgotten dirt roads, taking the minimum and not much else…

Why “Green Pedal Tours” ?

Eco-responsible, aproach local cultures

Green Pedal Tours proposes a different way of traveling and getting to know Colombia in collaboration with the local population. We take an eco-responsible approach to bicycle tourism so that our trips have as little environmental impact as possible.

We have thought of each trip to include an encounter with a local family, a non-profit organization or a local tradition. Each activity benefits the local community and families, so Green Pedal Tours brings together a mix of sport and cultural exchange.

With Green Pedal Tours you will travel in small groups of 6 people maximum. We believe this is important because it causes as little environmental damage and disturbance as possible, and at the same time facilitates genuine contact with the local people and each other.

About the Founder

Passion for cycling and traveling

Hello cyclist friend, my name is Kike Gorri. I’m a French expatriate who lives in the paradise of Colombia. I created Green Pedal Tours to combine two passions, cycling and travel. After living there for more than 9 years, I wanted to help people discover the Antioquia region and all its culture, landscapes and cuisine. What better way to do it than by bike ? …
Let’s go and discover this mystical and generous country !
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Meet our team

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Founder - Guide

Kike Gorri

Enrike Gorri spent most of his childhood cycling in the countryside in the southwest of France. The bicycle never left him and has become an increasingly important part of his life. His curiosity to discover the diversity of the world, his passion for travel and nature have led him to create Green Pedal Tours with the idea of connecting travelers to local communities. His tours will take you off the beaten path to find a more authentic Colombia.


Juan Pablo Castaño

Juan Pablo Castaño

Like many Colombians, Juan Pablo is from the country, growing up in the mountains surrounding Medellín. His interest for the local culture and biodiversity led him to become a tour guide. A passionate explorer of the Colombian mountain area, Juan Pablo is knowledgeable about the flora and plants that make up the region.

A guide who, in addition to his passion for cycling, will share his knowledge of the diversity and history of Antioquia.

Juan Pablo Castaño


Daniel Santiago Agudelo

Daniel grew up in a small village in the municipality of Itagüi, surrounded by mango and avocado trees. In this ocean of greenery, he developed passions for photography and the wonders of nature.

From mountains to the sea, from the idea to the final photo, Daniel tells stories about how people interact with their environment, push their limits and express their art.

Web Designer - Social Communicator

Rafael Sandoval

Rafael Sandoval

Rafael is a web designer, artist (painter) and social communicator. He’ s also an activist promoting the use of bicycles. He is currently preparing for long bike trips as well as developing a web project to assist bicycle travelers around the world, especially those traveling in Latin America.

Rafael Sandoval