Feel and smell the aroma of coffee

Coffee Tour

Coffee Tour

Feel and smell the aroma of coffee

Start in the high misty Andean forests of El Retiro and end in the majestic mountains of Ciudad Bolivar. This tour focuses on the lush coffee region of Antioquia. This fun and challenging cycling circuit lasts 10 days, and includes 2 days of rest.

This route offers landscapes that will surprise you and leave you breathless. You will bike through numerous coffee plantations where you will be able to sample the many varieties of coffee this area has to offer. Pedal through mountain roads wrapped in magical mist, crossing rivers along the way, or find yourself on forest trails biking age-old native routes.

Throughout, you will discover the biodiversity and floral life only Colombia has to offer.

 Prices start at USD 2,200

USD 2,200 per person, for groups of five to six people.

USD 2,400 per person, for groups of four people.

USD 2,600 per person, for groups of three people.

USD 2,900 per person, for groups of two people.

USD 3,200 for one person.

10 Days / 9 Nights – 290 Km

The itinerary

Know the route day by day

Day 1. El Retiro - Santa Barbara

Day 1 Map Coffee Route El Retiro - Santa BarbaraOur excursion starts with a transfer from your accommodation in Medellín to the municipality of El Retiro (approximately one hour), and from here your cycling adventure begins at an altitude of 2,278 meters above sea level. Today will be a series of ascents and descents within the lush Colombian countryside.

We will take a combination of alternative roads and an asphalt route; along and through the region's intensely green coffee fields. Most of today's route is downhill. You will come to know and admire the typical Colombian mountain farm, and your first coffee tasting is at "Tino's" after the first 15 km of mountain tracks. After 15 km more of trails, you will continue your descent towards the municipality of Santa Barbara where, on arrival, you will enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Rio Cauca at the foot of the mountain.

This first challenging but beautiful day gives you a quick glimpse of the charm of the Antioquia region. Your first night's accommodation is in a charming eco-hotel where you will spend your first night. And that's all you need to know !

Day 2. Santa Barbara - Fredonia

Map Coffee Route Day 2 - Santa Barbara Fredonia

Today you will discover another mountain as we head to Venecia and Fredonia, a quiet rural villages at the foot of the "Cerro Tusa", a volcano in the shape of a pyramid and known as the highest natural pyramid in the world, with a height of 1,950 m above sea level.

Leaving the farm, "la Pandora", you will first climb for 4 km before beginning a spectacular descent for the next 15 km. Then in the following 20 km, through uphills and downhills, you will cross mountain roads filled with colorful wildflowers and pass through ranches where life exists as it did many years ago. After a long descent, you will arrive in Fredonia, a picturesque coffee-growing town in Antioquia, located in the Cordillera Central.

After today's effort, you will enjoy a pleasant and peaceful eco-hotel, the "Jardin Secreto". Laura and Alejandro will welcome us in their charming farmhouse where we will stay for the next two nights. You will enjoy its jacuzzi and a unique view of the mountains.

 Day 3 Discover Venecia by bike and cultural exchange

Day 3. Route of coffeToday, we bike ride around the village of Venecia located about 10 km from our accommodation.

This village, formerly inhabited by the indigenous "Zenufana" community, is rich in cultural wealth and pre-Columbian history. You will admire the  "Cerro Tusa". It is an inactive volcano in the shape of a chimney, known as the highest natural pyramid in the world with a height of 1,950 m above sea level.

We will also visit the Zenufana museum, and taste one of the best coffees in the country. Enjoy this relaxing day highly before getting back on the road the next day.

Day 4. Fredonia  - Jericó

Map Coffee Route Day 3 - Fredonia - Jericó

In the morning we will go to the town of Jericó, a sublime and authentic Antioquian town, nestled in the Andean mountains and world capital of the "carriel". The "carriel" is a small leather bag or purse used by peasants since colonial times.

Upon arrival in Jericó, we will leave our bags in a hotel in the historic center, and then we will have a good lunch typical of the region. Afterwards, we will visit the workshop of a family who make carriel, preserving the local tradition.

This activity will transport us to the past !

 Day 5. Jericó - Jardín

Map Coffee Route Day 5 - Jerico to Jardin

Today, an unforgettable day of cycling awaits us, through exuberant nature and mini villages where time has stopped. We will be surrounded by crystal clear rivers and unpaved roads, cycling through coffee plantations and passing exotic fruit trees -this is the Colombia of your dreams!

Then, to crown this day, we will go up in a "Tuk tuk", to a coffee farm located at 2,100 meters of altitude, where we will spend our fifth night. There we will meet Jaime and Edilsa, owners and farmers who truly are a condensed version of the Antioquian culture.

They will receive you with much affection !

 Day 6. Jardín 2nd day of rest and cultural exchange

Coffee tour Green Pedal Tours

The sixth day is dedicated to rest and learning about the fauna and flora of the region. From Jaime's farm you will have access to impressive landscapes that showcase the richness and natural splendor of the municipality of Jardín.

We will take a walk to see a great variety of birds - more than 360 species of birds have been recorded in this municipality, not only hummingbirds, but also the exceptional cock of the rock, or the barranquero, the tanager and many others -. We will pick fruit for dessert or chamomile for tea. You will taste one of the best coffees of the region; we will ride horses, one of the most used means of transportation in Colombia, and observe endemic birds.

This day of rest (and cultural exchange ) will be very much appreciated, before getting back on our steel horses !

 Day 7 . Jardín - Betania

Foto de Betania Antioquia

From the heart of the coffee region of Colombia and after a good day of rest, we will leave in the morning towards the municipality of Betania. Today we will have a series of ascents and descents, beginning with a delightful descent from Jardín in the first 15 km to the village of Andes, through coffee plantations and abundant vegetation.

Then we will pass through the picturesque village of Tapartó, where you will see endless waterfalls. Finally, after this rural cruise, we will have a 8 km climb to Betania; a municipality nestled in the mountains of southwestern Antioquia, of indigenous cultures and traditional Guasca music; its coffee farms, the view from its natural viewpoints, the Farallones of Citará, its Historical Museum of the area, and the beautiful Pedral river -these all make Betania an oasis of pleasure and peace.

 Day 8 . Betania - Ciudad Bolivar

Map Coffee Tour Day 8 - Betania to Ciudad BolivarToday, on our last day of cycling, we will head day of towards our final destination: Ciudad Bolívar.

We will start cycling gently along the tracks that border the Pedral river. We will cross bridges penetrating into the depths of the ancient roads, crossing through a world of flowers and biodiversity. Birds endemic to the area will be happy to point our way along the circuit. Most of this stage will be done along the indigenous trails that abound in the region. Once we leave the forest, the last kilometers of biking will be on a paved road.

We will arrive at a farm nestled in the mountains, where you will undoubtedly appreciate the panoramic view of the region and the climate of tranquility.

 Day 9 . Ciudad Bolivar

Coffee Tour Green Pedal Tours

Today is a day of rest !

Our comfortable lodging is a unique space in the middle of the vertiginous mountains of the region. It is a traditional style house, which is thought to rest the legs and soul; a place of tranquility, where you will appreciate, without the slightest doubt, its space and natural setting.

 Day 10 . Medellín

Photo Coffee Tour Back to Medellin Green Pedal Tours

Our final day, after breakfast, we will return you to the city of eternal spring: Medellin, by van.

This trip is approximately 90 km .

We will organize your transfer to your hotel, or to the airport, if you have a flight back home.

You will take home not only the aroma of coffee, but incredible memories of the landscapes and people of Colombia. We are sure you will want to come back to ride with us again.

¡ Come ride with us !