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Waterfall Event Green Pedal Tours


Ride through the inspiring Eastern Antioquia region, characterized by its abundant waterfalls and beautiful crystalline rivers that are majestically across the mountain range.

This is a region where the land is generous in natural resources. The vegetation is abundant, and many streams flow through the mountains. This is a route of pure enjoyment, without major difficulty or steep descents and ascents.

Ride the secondary roads that embrace the mountain villages of the region. A circuit of pure mountain biking, spectacular !

The itinerary and activities to be carried out are those described in the corresponding page of this tour: Waterfall Tour

All general questions about our tours, with their answers, can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page, visit it and there you will find all the information.

Process to reserve and pay for this tour:

All reservations have a cost of 200 dollars per person, Keep in mind that this value is multiplied by the number of people that make up your group, for example if your group is 4 people, the cost of the reservation to pay will be 800 dollars, those are the reservation values ​​that you will see in the table below , depending on the number of people in your group.

1. To make the reservation, below you will find a table that shows six options of groups that this tour contemplates, according to the number of people that conforms each group is the cost of the tour; please make the reservation(s) in the group of your choice.

2. Then you can proceed to make the payment of the reservation(s).

After we have received the payment of your reservation(s), we will contact you to arrange the date you will do the tour and the way to pay the balance of the tour.

Please note:

The value of the reservation(s) that you have paid will be deducted from the total value of the tour.
The balance will be paid in two installments: One installment to be paid 15 days before the tour date, and another installment to be paid upon arrival in the country and during our first personal meeting. We will send you a payment link for the first installment.

The dates of the tours are flexible, we can accommodate your needs and the availability we have for the time you want to travel.

If you have any questions please contact us directly at WhatsApp (+57) 314 312 2988 we will be happy to talk to you and help you in the process of tour selection, dates and payment process; we want to facilitate your participation in our tours and ensure the welfare you deserve.

You can find more information on our terms and conditions page; there you will be able to resolve any concerns related to the conditions of our services, which favor your well-being.

Note: If on this tour you see a message informing you that this “event has expired”, and does not allow you to continue with the reservation; Please contact us directly via WhatsApp; We will probably be able to accommodate our programming with your time availability, and that way you will be able to enjoy the tour you want to take.

Event Expired.
  • Medellín
  • Antioquia
  • Colombia

Date options to choose in 2022

  • October 3, 2022 06:30 -05   -   October 8, 2022 18:00 -05
  • November 14, 2022 06:30 -05   -   November 19, 2022 18:00 -05
  • December 26, 2022 06:30 -05   -   December 31, 2022 18:00 -05
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