Cultural Cycling in Colombia

We have thought of each trip to include an encounter with a local family, a non-profit organization or a local tradition. Each activity benefits the local community and families, so Green Pedal Tours brings together a mix of sport and cultural exchange


Cycling Tours

Here at Green Pedal, you can find your mode, while traveling safely and happily

Recolector de café en bike tour coffee

At the heart of local culture

Enjoy an experience that connects you with the local culture.

Foto de escultura de bicicleta

You decide, where, how, when ...

We at Green Pedal work hard to ensure your specific needs are met.

Tour Corporate Green Pedal Tours

Ride with your co-workers

Break the work routine and cycle with your colleagues.


At the heart of local culture

Coffee Tour

Pedal through verdant coffee plantations, punctuated by the red berries of the coffee bush.

Cauca Tour Green Pedal Tours
Cauca Tour

Like a main artery, the majestic Cauca River runs through mountains and secluded villages, alongside native roads that you will discover as your journey continues.

Waterfall Tour Green Pedal Tours
Waterfall Tour

This tour journeys through waterfall after waterfall. You cannot help but be in awe of these incredible wonders of nature.

Medellin Miradores Tour Green Pedal
Medellín Apus Nutabe

An immersion into the breadth of mountains and many viewpoints that surround the city.


You decide, where, how, when ...

Your route and how you want it...

Choose the places you want to explore, and the way you want to do it, and Green Pedal will help you build your trip.

Foto de Cultivo de café colombia

Tell us what time of the year you want to do the route, we will advise you to travel when you want in the best conditions.


Ride with your co-workers

Tour Corporate Green Pedal Tours
From work colleagues to travel partners

Break the routine of the office, disconnect from the screen, from social networks, and share with your co-workers from a more real, more human perspective.

Our tours evoke the freedom of multi-day biking trips and traveling off the beaten path with the purpose of connecting to nature by bike, using forgotten dirt roads and carrying only essential equipment.

¡ Come ride with us !