Listen to the song of the water

Waterfall Tour

Waterfall Tour

Listen to the song of the water

Ride through the inspiring Eastern Antioquia region, characterized by its abundant waterfalls and beautiful crystalline rivers that flow majestically across the mountain range.

This is a region where the land is generous in natural resources. The vegetation is abundant, and many streams flow through the mountains. This is a route of pure enjoyment, without major difficulty or steep descents and ascents.

Ride the secondary roads that embrace the mountain villages of the region. A circuit of pure mountain biking, spectacular !

Prices start at USD 1,320:

USD 1,320 per person, for groups of five to six people.

USD 1,440 per person, for groups of four people.

USD 1,560 per person, for groups of three people.

USD 1,740 per person, for groups of two people.

USD 1,920 for one person.

6 Days / 5 Nights – 180 Km

The itinerary

Get to know the route day by day

Day 1. Rionegro - Guatapé

Map Waterfall Tour Day 1 - Rionegro to Guatape

 We begin with a one-hour transfer from your lodging to the municipality of Rionegro, gateway to the Oriente Antioqueño and where Medellín's international airport is located. After a few kilometers, we will find ourselves on an unpaved road where you will bask in the calm and crispness of the forest.

In the first part of the trip, you will cross gentle hills before reaching a small stretch of main road for a few kilometers; then, in the second part, you will re-enter on an unpaved road, crossing the countryside in the direction of the Municipality of Guatapé and its famous Peñol stone.

This is a full first day , diverse in landscapes as we find ourselves at the entrance to the water roads !

Day 2. Guatapé - San Rafael

Map Waterfall Tour Day 2 - Guatape to San Rafael

In the morning, after a good breakfast, we will take the route "burnin rubber" to the municipality of San Rafael, a typical tropical Columbian town, located to the east of Medellín.

San Rafael is rich in water sources, which is reflected in its nickname "the spell of crystalline waters". Streams and ponds are abundant everywhere.

San Rafael is a diverse and unique area with a large biodiversity of flora and fauna. In this wonderful warm climate, numerous streams and puddles converge to create a memorable place Once there, we will receive a warm welcome !

 Day 3: San Rafael Discovery and rest

Waterfall Tour Green Pedal Tours

The third day will be dedicated to rest and the discovery of the fauna and flora of the area.
From the lodge, you will have access to breathtaking landscapes, a combination of lush forests and crystal clear water pools. The town of San Rafael is surrounded by water and rivers and has 90 natural pools of water and 16 waterfalls that are ubiquitous in these lush green mountains.

In the municipality of San Rafael more than 350 species of birds, 40 species of amphibians, 41 species of reptiles and 36 species of mammals have been recorded. This incredible ecological environment makes San Rafael a must-see place for nature lovers, and before getting back on the steel horse, this day of rest will be much appreciated !

Day 4. San Rafael - San Carlos

Map Waterfall Tour Day 4 - San Rafael to San Carlos

Today we will head towards the municipality of San Carlos, a town of thick mountains, rich tributaries, and peaceful natural pools that invite the traveler to a refreshing swim. The Sweet Coast of eastern Antioquia has more than 70 streams. San Carlos is a town that has become a tourist spot for those who love the forest and water.

San Carlos has a painful past: The town was the setting for war between groups outside the law, but despite many years of conflict, the town is now a peaceful settlement, thanks to the drive of the villagers, and also thanks to tourism, newly spearheaded in the region.

You will enjoy your passage through this charming village and resting spot.

 Day 5. San Carlos - San Luis

Map Waterfall Tour Day 5 - San Carlos to San LuisOn the last day of cycling we will head towards the municipality of San Luis, a picturesque Antioquia town, where coffee, panela and cocoa are the predominant economic forces that give flavor to the local gastronomy.

Leaving San Carlos, we will start with a climb of about 18 km on the main road to warm up our legs, reaching the junction with the municipality of Granada. We will then ride on trails, with the next 8km segment uphill, before we finish the tour in a descent, to our final destination.

Upon arrival at the village, we will settle in and enjoy a good local lunch. Afterwards, we will visit and sample a small panela production plant, a product made from sugar cane, which is used to prepare a tasty Colombian drink. It is served as a soft drink.

 Day 6. San Luis - Medellín

Foto de San Luis antioquia Waterfall Tour Green Pedal Tours

Today, our fascinating trip comes to an end.

We will return full of experiences and learning, our bikes will be picked up by the van and before our final destination (Medellin) we will make a last stop to see the impressive viewpoint of Cocorná, and to say goodbye to this beautiful land.

Perhaps you will promise to return for its more challenging bike routes.


¡ Come ride with us !