Let yourself flow like a river

Cauca Tour

Cauca Tour

Let yourself flow like a river

Enjoy the mountain air, the sun on your face, and the exploration of new horizons as we tour the southwest of Antioquia. This is a spectacular region to cycle through, and we ride from the plains to the high mountains, passing through varied and diverse vegetation.

The Cauca Tour route, which takes us from Medellin to Santa Fe de Antioquia, is an ideal introduction to bike-packing and a great way to get to know the Colombian landscape. You will discover many surprises, each one more magnificent than the last. Forming a 250 km loop, this is a route that meanders between the intense green of Colombia‘s towering mountains and the lush fields of coffee, bananas and exotic fruits.

Be prepared to pedal along sumptuous roads full of character and challenges, to tackle brake-shaking descents and challenging climbs that pose a mental challenge for any fun-seeking cyclist.

Prices start at USD 1,760:

USD 1,760 per person, for groups of five to six people

USD 1,920 per person, for groups of four people

USD 2,080 per person, for groups of three people

USD 2,320 per person, for groups of two people

USD 2,560 for one person.

8 Days / 7 Nights – 250 Km

The itinerary

Get to know the route day by day

Day 1. Caldas - Venecia

Map Cauca Tour Day 1 - Caldas to VeneciaWe depart from Caldas, a municipality south of Medellín, riding a few kilometers on a main road, which will give you enough time to get used to the bikes before entering the countryside.

We then ride southwest towards the municipality of Venecia, a picturesque coffee-growing town in Antioquia, located in the Cordillera Central. We will cross secondary roads and discover the ancient roads of Venecia, a small municipality built in front of the famous "Cerro Tusa", a volcano in the shape of a pyramid and known as the highest natural pyramid in the world, with a height of 1950 meters above sea level.

Cerro Tusa is an important archaeological site. It is the best known pre-Columbian sanctuary of the region where the majority of the Zenufana tribe settled with its cacique. This wonderful first day with diverse landscapes and stories will give you a taste of what this region offers.

Day 2. Venecia - Salgar

Map Cauca Tour Day 2 - Venecia to Salgar

From Venecia, our ride today is 45 km through the mountains and the intense green of the countryside. We descend for 20 km towards the municipality of Bolombolo, where we will reach the Rio Cauca. Temperatures start to rise as we advance along the road.

We will ride along the Rio Cauca for about 13 km before starting a 15 km climb to Salgar a small coffee town par excellence, where the costumes of the Paisa people pulsate and vibrate.

You will spend your second night in a unique place, La Manchuria, a paradise nestled in the mountainous coffee region. You will love the panorama offered by La Manchuria, where you can relax with a glass of lemonade or a beer, in the middle of the mountains !

 Day 3: Salgar - Betulia

Map Cauca Tour Day 3 - Salgar to Betulia

After a night in the arms of the Salgar mountains, another beautiful day of half flat and half climbing awaits us; it will be a busy day with a lot of pedaling and many points of interest as we head into the countryside.

We will take the road north towards the municipality of Urrao to reach Betulia, an ancient municipality of Antioquia, founded in 1848.
On this route you will follow  roads bordered by flowers and rivers that run like arteries in Antioquia. Next, we will have some more demanding climbs but don't worry, the beauty of the landscape will make you forget them. We will end up our ride in the cozy nest of Betulia.

Day 4. Betulia - Urrao

Map Cauca Tour Day 4 - Betulia to Urrao

After a peaceful night in the countryside of Betulia, we will head to Urrao, a remote village nestled on the edge of the central mountain range bordering the Department of Chocó, where you will spend two nights and a day of well-deserved rest in a traditional style hotel.

We will start pedaling from Betulia up a paved country road, surrounded by waterfalls between lush coffee and banana plantations. The second part of the trip, descending towards Urrao, will offer a drastic change in vegetation and temperature.

You will find vegetable crops, tropical fruits, and of course beans, an eternal traditional dish from Antioquia. Urrao is a town that is know for its archaeological, ethnic and cultural tourism. It is also known because Rigoberto Urán, the great Colombian cyclist, was born there.

We will stay in a traditional house where you will have access to the beautiful landscapes of the Urrao plain.

 Day 5. Urrao day of discovery of the village and its surroundings

Cauca Tour Green Pedal Tours

Today we have a day free of cycling to recover.

The day is dedicated to rest and discovering the history of the region.

Our guide, Icis, will share captivating stories about the Urrao region. We will take a walk to get to know the "historical route of the warriors". A bit of hiking will be welcome to relax the legs before getting back on the steel horse.

This rest day will be very much appreciated ! 

 Day 6. Urrao - Santa Fe de Antioquia

Map Cauca Tour Day 6 - Urrao to Santa Fe

Today we take the road to the municipality of Santa Fe de Antioquia, a former gold mining town and national monument of colonial architecture, which charms with its cobblestone streets, beautiful facades, balconies and welcoming spots for socializing and relaxation. The city is built on the banks of the Rio Cauca.

We will leave Urrao with our steel horses , pedaling gently on a slight climb for the first 15 kilometers. We then cross the wildest area of the whole tour, through virgin nature, fresh forests, coffee fields and rivers; and after that first uphill , we will start descending towards Santa Fe on 46 km of tracks, warming up as we descend, passing through more abundant nature.

Prepare yourself for the majestic and diverse landscapes that cross your path, and keep your sunglasses nearby for the intense daylight that will guide you. This last day of pedaling is exhilarating and demanding, but beautiful.

Once on the main road, we will finish with a short transfer by car to your hotel, where a cozy swimming pool will be waiting for you !

 Day 7 . Santa Fe day of discovery of the village and its surroundings

Puente Santa Fe de Antioquia Green Pedal Tours

Tour through the valley of Santa Fe de Antioquia.

We will leave at dawn, under the strident heat of the Santa Fe Valley. After a delicious breakfast, we will gently warm up on dry and rocky trails along the mighty Rio Cauca. On this route we will cross the long suspension bridge of Occidente, with its majestic architecture, which connects us with a number of typical villages.

After a local lunch, we will get in the van to visit a coffee plantation located in the heights of the valley. This is an ideal introduction to the Colombian peasant culture that dominates the countryside and is part of the DNA of the Colombian people. After the coffee tour, we will go to beautiful Santa Fe where we will spend our last night.

 Day 8 . Santa Fe - Medellín

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That's it ! The objective is reached ! Our trip is coming to an end. We will organize the return trip by van from Santa Fe to Medellín. For those who wish to extend their stay in Colombia, we can help you organize it.

¡ Come ride with us !